Chris McMahon

Hi and Welcome to Chris McMahon’s web page and blog!

That’s the Speculative Fiction writer that lives in Brisbane, Australia. I write everything from hard SF and urban fantasy and heroic fantasy.

If you are in Brisbane this weekend, come along to my book signing this Saturday 6th May at Dymocks Carindale from 11am. Check out my new Science Fiction novel, The Tau Ceti Diversion and my three-book Heroic Fantasy series The Jakirian Cycle!

Chris McMahon SF


Don’t forgot the free download of Flight of the Phoenix, the prequel novella to my three-book heroic fantasy series, The Jakirian Cycle. It is available to download in a range of formats. Check it out!

The three books in the Jakirian Cycle are available as both print (Amazon and other retailers) and electronic books on a range of platforms (Amazon Kindle, iBook, GooglePlay, Kobo). And for a limited time, The Calvanni is FREE on iBook, GooglePlay and Kobo!