Warriors of the Blessed Realms

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Warriors from Earth and the Blessed Realms join forces to battle the hellish Vaults of Sheol, pitting steel and magic against high technology and demonic power. They race against time to rescue the priestess Sephany from a ruthless immortal warlord.

An epic quest spanning multiple worlds, where magic and high-technology go head-to-head . . . with the fate of the Earth at stake.

In the Vaults of Sheol, Lord VoYannan plots to unleash a devastating assault on the Blessed Realms, a coalition of six worlds dedicated to preserving life. The Realms, defended with steel and magic, have contained VoYannan for thousands of years. VoYannan is a krell — a ruthless alien species that can make themselves virtually immortal by enslaving others. Millions suffer under VoYannan’s rule, fifty-eight planets where any resistance is crushed by his dark legions.

VoYannan uses an ancient Gateway on Earth to strike at the Realms. His Vault forces capture the priestess Sephany, crucial to his plans, and escape. Realm warrior Finn Evenstone sets off in pursuit, but cannot pass the Gateway used by the Vault.

Liam Durrow, sole survivor of an ancient Earth lineage, is led to Fraser Island by a vision, and uses his unique magical abilities as Keeper to open the Gateway. Both Finn and Liam are soon battling the Vault on Earth, and in the Shadow Worlds, planets already ruined by the krell. They need all the help they can get. They are joined by tenacious Federal Agent Yolinda Paris, who has her own score to settle.

They push deep into the Vault, racing against time to rescue Sephany and save the Earth — and the Realms — from destruction.

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