My SF Short Time Pump Just Published in Dimension6

I’m very excited to announce my SF short Time Pump has just been published in Keith Stevenson’s Dimension6 ezine! Click here to download a free, DRM-free epub or here to download a mobi file!


The story was born from an intriguing SF idea and gradually took shape through various edits and critique sessions. I’m sure quite a few of my former Vision and Edge writing group partners will remember this one.

Time Pump has always been one of my favourite stories. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice to say it raises some interesting questions about time travel. Time Pump was great fun to write, and the SF idea aside, it is a classic survival story set on a frigid ice-world. Originally it had a lot more backstory about the central character MacPherson and why he ended up on the planet like that (and who betrayed him), but various critique partners encouraged me to focus and shorten the story. So if you’re wondering about that deeper mystery . . . blame them for never finding out:)

The prequel novella to my three-book Heroic Fantasy series Jakirian Cycle, Flight of the Phoenix, is also available as a free download from my website. Haunted by terrible visions, and battling his own fear of Sorcery, the aging weaponmaster Belin must face the magical assassins that stalk the capital Raynor and bring the newborn son of the fallen Emperor — the last of the Cinanac line — to safety. Check it out — it’s a great way to get a taste for the series.

Here is the cool cover by Daryl Linquist


The Jakirian Cycle is Heroic Fantasy in a world of ceramic weapons, where all metal is magical. It’s had some great reviews and is available through my website in either print versions or in a variety of electronic formats and platforms. My favourite review tag line is ‘Think Kill Bill meets Dune!’ – I mean, how cool is that? Here are the covers, also by Daryl.

Calvanni front cover (Small)Scytheman front cover (Small)Sorcerer front cover (Small)


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