Next Big Thing Is Coming

I’ve recently been roped into a writerly blog chain called the Next Big Thing. It involves writers doing a Q&A about their latest work in progress, then tagging five other writers at the bottom of their post. The Q&A posts from those writers, then appears exactly one week later and so on. . .

It’s reached quite a few corners of the web already, which is not surprising. I’m not quite sure where it all started, but I do know that the number of writers involved must be pretty impressive by now.

The thing is exponential.

So the first week you would have one writer, the one who started it: 1

Next week you have: 1+5

Week three you have: 1+ 52

And onward until at week ‘n’ you have: 1 + 5(n-1)

So at week 11 (assuming all writers are unique), that’s 9,765,626 writers! Assuming writers are 1% of the population (7,000,000), the supply of keyboard-tappers is already tapped out!

Now, I’m not usually into chain emails etc. When I get one of those, ‘Pass this on to five people to make your wish come true/establish world peace/save the world – but if you don’t you will die a horrible death’ – I usually hit the delete button straight away.

But this writerly blog chain serves a positive function, allowing people to talk about their latest WIP and raises a bit of attention. It is also fascinating to see how the thing progresses through networks of writers.

When I was first approached I have to admit to being pretty confused about how it all worked. Initially I thought it was just a series of reciprocal arrangements where you each posted a Q&A of the other writer. This led me to be tagged twice (oops). Oh, well. The blog police have not burst down the doors yet.

All the Next Big Thing posts go up on Wednesdays each week. Mine will appear on Wednesday 28th November. I’ll be talking about my latest and greatest – Urban Fantasy Distant Shore (for a sneak peek, check out the Next Big Thing page on my blog).

Has this reached your writer’s nest yet? Does anyone know where this thing started?

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