Other Publications

Some other publications. . .

Journeyman, an Urban Fantasy short, Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane Anthology, edited by Geoffrey Maloney, Trent Jamieson & Zoran Zivkovic.

The Temptation of Mael, Fantasy short, Journey’s of the Mind, electronic anthology, Double Dragon, June 2006

Within a Lizard’s Teeth, Horror short, Borderlands, June 2006

Ice Cube, short fiction, Devil in Brisbane Anthology (Prime Books), Sep 2005

The Memory Thief, SF short, SF-envision, Jan 2005

Grey Steel, SF short, Aurealis #33/34/35 Dec 2004

The Cook, SF short, Orb Speculative Fiction #5, 2003

Within Twilight, SF short, Redsine #8, 2002

The Buggy Plague, SF short, Orb Speculative Fiction #3/4, 2002

The Temptation of Mael, fantasy short, Glimpses anthology, 2003

Old Man Saltbush, SF short, Redsine On-Line, 2001

The Kite Flyers, SF short, AlienQ webzine, January 2000


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