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Lucinda Fountain, a Scytheman Goodreads giveaway winner, a recently gave a great review of the book, rating it 5 stars:)

Review of Scytheman – Lucinda Fountain – 26th March, 2014

A highly imaginative, contemporary fantasy/ sword & sorcery that’s action-packed!

SCYTHEMAN is the second novel within The Jakirian Cycle trilogy and sequel to ‘The Calvanni’. Its epic/ heroic fantasy in a world of ceramic weapons where all metal is magical, and which encapsulates thrilling sword & sorcery at its best. As a die-hard fan of fantasy fiction I literally devoured this addictive story, which contained spectacular swashbuckling heroes and dynamic swordplay. Amid thrilling tension and engaging adventures, was a cast of colourful characters who were compelling and highly distinctive.

I would say that this book is a merging together of Frank Herbert’s DUNE meets George RR Martin’s A GAME OF THRONES!!

McMahon has written an inspired creation of wondrous proportions, substance and scope that’s enviable of many fantasy writers (both contemporary and classic). The blend of intense drama and action within a remarkable world seeped in intriguing history is just the perfect combination for an out-of-this-world read. I found myself reading just another chapter…and another chapter…unable to drag myself away from the pages that were so magnetically engaging I was hooked! The believable societal laws and vast, richly imagined history is truly spectacular and I highly commend such a skilled author.

Chris McMahon’s fantasy trilogy is worthy of high praise and ranked alongside many top authors of this genre. Bloodthirsty battles, spellbinding magic and bitter rivalry all set within an incredibly detailed world is what excites me as a reader because it encapsulates all that I love so much within the genre.

I am ever so pleased to have won a copy of book 2 in the Jakirian cycle on Goodreads, through a first-read giveaway and now I cannot wait to delve into book 3 (Sorcerer) and continue this unforgettable saga. *Note: the other books in the trilogy: the Calvanni (book 1) and Sorcerer (Book 3) are available through Amazon as both print and electronic editions.


Here are some other great reviews of the Jakirian Cycle.

Jakirian Cycle Reviews

Calvanni Reviews

By K J Wilkinson – February 8, 2014

Highly Recommended.
Great series. Well written. Original ideas. Moves at a good pace. Read it. Read it. Read it!

By Romance Lover – December 27, 2013

Fabulous Fantasy Trilogy.
The Calvanni by Chris McMahon is one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. I enjoyed it very much, and stayed up almost all night to finish it. Couldn’t put it down! Do yourself a favor and read this book!

By JustinB Wallace – December 26, 2013

A Great Read.
Very entertaining and enjoyable read, with a nice amount of intrigue, suspense and mystery. I love the characters and scenarios.

By Robert A. Defrank – December 19, 2013

Exceptional First Novel.

I had the good fortune to acquire a download of this book during a brief period when the author was giving it away free. I found the premise of the world described intriguing and was impressed when I got around to reading it.

The promise of excellent worldbuilding is kept. I was impressed both by the extent of the world and of the various entities that grew and thrived in those conditions, as well as the societies they formed and the traditions and beliefs developed as a result. This book is demanding in several ways, as the reader must keep track of terminology and the various players operating in the conflict, but McMahon has learned the lesson of subtly drawing a reader’s attention to the important details and building on them as they are mentioned. The strangeness of the world becomes less strange but more wondrous since the environmental, biological, magical and cultural aspects of the story and seamlessly integrated and operate together.

In my opinion, there are some instances of first-novel clumsiness in terms of narration, but they don’t distract from the story McMahon has begun to tell, so give it a try and explore the world he’s made.

Scytheman Reviews

By K J Wilkinson – February 8, 2014
Highly recommended.
The series is action packed. Moves at a good pace and has some really original ideas. Well worth the read!

By Jeff – March 10, 2014
I like the characters and the story line. No need to start at the beginning to enjoy this story. I will back track to the first one. Also, look forward to the next.

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