Distant Shore – Urban Fantasy

My other latest work, Distant Shore (96,000 words) is an Urban Fantasy set in New York, with some initial chapters in Brisbane (Australia).

It is fast-paced, with a light, often quirky tone. At times tense, at other times humorous. The pace and tone might be comparable to Jim Butcher, although with more contrasting characters and incorporating historical elements.

Since ancient times, twin Adepts are born to the McNally clan. At the start of Distant Shore, the power of the McNally Adepts has passed to a new generation. Jeb, the taciturn police psychologist from Brisbane, and Joey, the energetic football jock studying at Columbia. The two distant members of the McNally clan must unite to fight an evil born more than a century before in the wild chaos of Manhattan’s Five Points: McMannister, a ruthless nineteenth century thug and occult Master who has lived beyond his time.

I was tagged in the Next Big Thing for Distant Shore. Check the page here for the Q & A.

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