Foreign Elements – Near Future SF Action

One of my new works is near-future Science Fiction thriller, Foreign Elements (80k – Adult).

As near-future SF, the work is similar to Harry Harrison, William Gibson or David Brin. In terms of pacing and thriller elements, Matthew Reilly’s Ice Station would be closer.

A small nuclear explosion destroys half the University of Queensland, leading to billionaire Rigel Trist’s obsessive quest to stake a claim to the powerful new nuclear energy source.

Trist’s illegal research into the newly discovered super-heavy element Nevadium has somehow turned the inert material to a nuclear fuel. Trist suppresses the truth, determined to stake a claim in this powerful new nuclear energy source.

Evan, a brilliant young engineer, is recruited to investigate the new super-heavy element that fuels the reaction. The research team are locked down in a secret Sierra Nevada facility.

Evan solves the riddle of the Nevadium, but as ruthless international interests infiltrate the facility he must do more – he has to save his team and the world from ultimate destruction.

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