The Jakirian Cycle

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The Jakirian Cycle is heroic fantasy set on the world of Yos, with its unique ecology and twin suns, where all metal is magical and where control of magic is the basis for power.

Heroic Fantasy in world of ceramic weapons where all metal is magical!

In The Calvanni, first of the epic Jakirian Cycle, the cavern-dwelling Eathal have emerged to wreak their vengeance on mankind. The fate of innocent thousands rests on finding the Scion – lost heir to the fallen Empire. The Temple has outlawed the ancient practice of Sorcery. Its Druids dominate religious and secular power, but are ill-equipped to resist an unknown evil once contained by the Emperors.

The first novel Calvanni is followed by Scytheman, then Sorcerer. Here are the groovey new covers by Brisbane artist Daryl Lindquist.

Calvanni front cover (Small)Scytheman front cover (Small)Sorcerer front cover (Small)

The three novels of the Jakirian Cycle follow Cedrin and Ellen as they confront the world of Yos and come to face deeper and more hidden threats – with plenty of great action, political twists and relationship tension.

Eventually they must face a final challenge as the most ancient secrets that bind their bloodlines are revealed.

Read more about The Calvanni – first book in the Jakirian Cycle – here.

All three books are available as either print or ebooks through Amazon – here is my Amazon author page.

The books can also be ordered through any bookstore in Australia and New Zealand through distributor Dennis Jones & Associates or elsewhere in the world through Ingram International.

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