Cropped A3 Poster with Red ButtonSorcerer front cover (Small)

Following on from events in Scytheman, Cedrin travels north with his small but fiercely loyal court. Ellen, disinherited heir to the throne of Athria, by his side. Having thwarted renegade Sorcerer Raziin’s plan to seize the Spear of Carris, they must travel to the Caverns of Ranmyden to claim it. Ancient forces awaken, intent on possessing the Spear’s ultimate power. The Behemoth – a malign spirit – seeks to control it through its chosen wielder Raziin. The hidden temple of Annan-Ac places powerful agents in Cedrin’s entourage, while the last of the Jakir order, whose power was broken by the Spear in antiquity, want it destroyed at all costs. If Cedrin can survive the forces arrayed against him he must make the final choice — destroy Raziin or use the power of the Spear to save Yos.

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