What is a Realm?

My new novel, Warriors of the Blessed Realms is out into the world, but what is a Realm?

In the exact sense, a “realm” is a community or territory over which a sovereign, such as a king, rules. Or an area or sphere of certain knowledge or activity.

In the case of Warriors, a Realm is a world. A planet.

And there are many worlds in this epic tale. One of them is Earth itself, where the story starts with central character Liam Durrow.

The Vaults of Sheol are fifty-eight planets ruled by a ruthless mind-controlling alien warlord, VoYannan, one of a solitary species called a krell that can dominate millions, growing in strength with each new mind that falls under their sway.

The Vaults are dystopian SF worlds. The enslaved populations are kept in check by legions of laser-wielding brutes called Siithe. Here desperation breeds under leaden, cloud-filled skies, which lower over vast ruined cities, while factories manned by slaves from a dozen conquered species churn out weapons of destruction.

Standing against VoYannan is The Blessed Realms, a coalition of six worlds with benign technology that is dedicated to preserving life, with magic that can stop Vault technology in its tracks. The Realms have fought VoYannan for thousands of years, containing him with steel and magic.

VoYannan plots to unleash a devastating assault on the Blessed Realms. He uses an ancient Gateway on Earth to strike. His Vault forces capture the priestess Sephany, crucial to his plans, and escape.

Realm warrior Finn Evenstone sets off in pursuit, but cannot pass the Gateway used by the Vault.

Liam Durrow, sole survivor of an ancient Earth lineage, is led to Fraser Island by a vision, and uses his unique magical abilities as Keeper to open the Gateway.

Both Finn and Liam are soon battling the Vault on Earth, and in the Shadow Worlds, planets already ruined by the krell. They need all the help they can get. They are joined by tenacious Federal Agent Yolinda Paris, who has her own score to settle.

That that’s Warriors! An epic tale spanning multiple worlds and multiple genres — fantasy, urban fantasy, and SF — where magic and high-technology go head-to-head!

Check it out! Grab a copy of the book! Available at selected bookstores and these online retailers!

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