I am a Speculative Fiction writer based in sunny Brisbane, Australia. I have a lovely wife, Sandra, and three children, Aedan, Declan and Brigit.

Being able to escape into the realm of the imagination was handy growing up as the youngest in a family of eleven, and that storytelling habit continues today.

There is a special satisfaction in being able to share the worlds I create with my readers and have them enjoy the journey. For me, as a writer, that’s the ultimate destination. To have people allow you that special place in their minds is truly a privilege.

Also an engineer, I am lucky to be able to apply this specialist knowledge and mindset to my writing. When it comes to technology and the mechanics of world building, I can bring an obsessive thoroughness that pays dividends in the depth and texture of the worlds I create, and in the scientific credibility of the concepts integral to my science fiction.

What I create definitely has an edge of unique inventiveness.

Favourite writer

My favourite writer is David Gemmell – a British Heroic Fantasy author that unfortunately died way too young in 2006. I love Gemmell’s books, and continue to return to them again and again. The only one I have never read is the crime novel he published under the name of Ross Harding – getting hold of that is like finding hen’s teeth. If you have copy – make me an offer!

If I was launched into space alone at short notice I’d take an ipod with all my music, my David Gemmell novels and a packet of Atomic Tomato potato chips.

Being able to make the journey from print into film would be awesome. I have always loved film, but there are limited opportunities for genre’ series and movies locally (Brisbane, Australia), and very little in the way of Writer’s Rooms. If I lived in L.A. maybe it would be different . . .

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