I am a chemical engineer by profession.

I have spent almost a decade working in the development of strategies in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction and offsetting in the industrial setting, and the development of Corporate Greenhouse Policy.

I have undertaken extensive modelling exercises to characterise the GHG footprint of large scale facilities, and have provided expert advice on key energy management approaches that would improve their overall greenhouse profile.

This has included the assessment of both inside gate options such as energy efficiency and process heat integration, as well as outside gate options for the reduction of GHG footprint such as carbon sequestration.

As part of this work I have undertaken expert review of Life Cycle Assessment studies, and the review and assessment of potential GHG reduction technologies. I have also undertaken extensive benchmarking studies to rank individual industry emissions against the relevant National and International projects.

I have technical familiarity with a wide range of GHG capture, reduction and sequestration technologies, including forestry offsets, as well as alternative energy technologies.