List of Publications


Warriors of the Blessed Realms, Lanedd Press, October 2020

The Tau Ceti Diversion (2nd Edition), Lanedd Press, September 2018

The Tau Ceti Diversion, Severed Press, September 2016

The Calvanni (2nd Edition), Lanedd Press, October 2013

Scytheman, Lanedd Press, October 2013

Sorcerer, Lanedd Press, October 2013

The Calvanni (1st Edition), Sid Harta, April 2006

Short Fiction & Novellas

Time Pump, Within a Lizard’s Teeth and The Memory Thief, Vision Writers: Best of 25 Years, Vision Writers, January 2022

The Eyes of Erebus, The Mammoth Book of Kaiju, Prime, September 2015

Time Pump, Dimension6 webzine, Coeur De Lion Publishing, March 2015

Flight of the Phoenix, Lanedd Press, November 2014

Memories of Mars, Anywhere But Earth anthology, edited by Keith Stevenson, Coeur de Leon publications, 2011.

Under the Queen’s Skirts, One Book Many Brisbane’s Anthology, Brisbane City Council, 2010

Flight of the Phoenix, A Rush of Wings Anthology, Naked Reader, 2009.

The Eyes of Erebus, Daikaiju2: Revenge of the Giant Monsters, Agog! Press, 2007

Journeyman, Fantastical Journeys to Brisbane Anthology, edited by Geoffrey Maloney, Trent Jamieson & Zoran Zivkovic, 2007.

The Temptation of Mael, Journey’s of the Mind, electronic anthology, Double Dragon, June 2006

Murtagh’s Fury, One Book Many Brisbane’s Anthology, Brisbane City Council, 2006

Within a Lizard’s Teeth, Borderlands, June 2006

Ice Cube, Devil in Brisbane Anthology, Prime Books, Sep 2005

The Memory Thief, SF-envision, Jan 2005

Grey Steel, Aurealis #33/34/35 Dec 2004

Flight of the Phoenix, Fantasy Readers Wanted Apply Within Anthology, Silver Lake Publishing, 2003. EPPIE Award Finalist.

The Cook, Orb Speculative Fiction #5, 2003

The Temptation of Mael, Glimpses anthology, 2003

Within Twilight, Redsine #8, 2002

The Buggy Plague, Orb Speculative Fiction #3/4, 2002

Old Man Saltbush, SF short, Redsine On-Line, 2001

The Kite Flyers, AlienQ webzine, January 2000

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